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I hope you're doing AMAZING.

There are many simple yet versatile pieces of jewelry that you NEED. These specific pieces are the foundation of your collection, they're easy to wear and build upon when creating your stack. If you're new to layering necklaces, I suggest a few of the chains below. They literally look good with ANY other necklace.

Let's begin with an Unsalted Honey original ... the Give Me A Huggy mini hoops. This design is new and I now offer 3 fun sizes to play around with. These can be worn together, mixed and matched to your liking to create the coolest ear stack out there.

As mentioned above, this new design comes in three different sizes in both gold and silver plating (10 mm, 13 mm, & 16 mm). They have more of a teardrop shape when looking at them straight on, this allows more room when stacking. Plus this shape to me, is more elegant.

The next versatile basic are the Dinero rope chains. I decided to add a thinner rope chain in addition to the OG Dinero necklace. It is equally as beautiful, sparkly and sexy ... it's just thinner for the dainty lovers.
The last basic you NEED are the Nova's. There are a total of three: Hyper Nova, Nova and Super Nova. They're the classic herringbone chain that can easily be layered with each other or other necklaces. The most versatile necklace on the website that is an absolute must have.
I know I always say "you need this" but I promise I'm not lying to you. These are all staple pieces that everyone needs in their jewelry collection, they're easy to wear and build upon when layering! They are also the perfect pieces if you're just starting your collection as well. You don't need all of them, start with one and go from there.
Tiff xx

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