How to measure your ring size at home

Measuring your ring size is super simple and I'm going to walk you through how to do it at home! Sometimes we don't know the size we need to be able to create the look we want but with a few simple steps your cool, new ring stack will be underway.

How to measure your ring size with string!

  1. Take a length of string (dental floss works too!) and wrap it around the base of your desired finger
  2. Mark where the string first overlaps with a pen
  3. Stretch the length of string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and take down the length in millimetres 
  4. The length you measured is the circumference of your finger—to calculate the diameter, divide the circumference by pi (dividing by 3.14 will work ... omg math)
  5. Use the ring size chart below to compare the diameter of your finger to the standard ring sizes

photo of different ring sizes to determine your ring size

Ring sizing tips:

  1. Our dominant hands are generally slightly larger — make sure you measure the right finger on the correct hand!
  2. Make sure the finger is at normal body temperature — fingers can shrink or expand when hot or cold
  3. Your fingers tend to change size throughout the day — the best time to measure your finger is the end of the day
  4. When the knuckle is bigger than the base of the finger, measure both places and pick a size in between the two

If you're having trouble measuring your ring size at home, you can order our plastic ring sizer! Click here to snag your free ring sizer!

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