Let's Talk Huggies & Studs!

Hey Everyone!
It's me, Tiff! Welcome to UH's first blog post! It will be more like a mini newspaper of sorts. We can call it "The Honey Post" or "The Hive" ... I'll have to ask you all on Instagram so I'll keep you updated on the new name lol. This will be a space where I will share some tips, tricks and news about what's buzzin'.
The first 'Style Session' of 2022 will be posted on our Instagram @unsaltedhoney this week! Super exciting and always so much fun to film. If you're new to UH, I post segments called 'Style Sessions' on our Insta. These 3-6 minute video clips can show a wide variety of thangs such as new items, dainty necklace stacks, bracelet and ring combinations, etc! 
This week I decided to focus on huggy and stud earring stacks. 'Huggies' are tiny hoops, they're so small they literally hug your ear lobe ... cute, I know! Below are two stacks I show and try on in the sesh.
Both of these stacks are a lot of fun and eye-catching in the best ways. Whether you're going for a dainty or bold look, you can achieve a cool ear stack by playing around with what you have or slowly adding some Honey to your collection!
My advice would be to have fun with it, mixing and matching helps to bring out your style and personality. That's what it's all about!
To watch this weeks Style Session, head over to @unsaltedhoney on Instagram.
I hope everyone has an amazing rest of their week!
Tiff xx

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