Be My Honey Valentine's Day Collection

Hey Everyone! Happy February!
I hope this month is off to a sweet start! The 'Be My Honey" Collection launched yesterday and I'm so happy you love it as much as I do. It has been months in the making and seeing it come to life is always super exciting for me!
I wanted to put a twist on the average Valentine's Day jewelry trend so why not throw some glass candy apples in the mix! Three elegant necklaces that I designed and made to be worn together - but don't be afraid to customize your stack to your liking!
If you haven't watched the latest Style Session on Instagram, do it.... or don't, because I'm about to go into the details of each necklace below!
I wanted to keep this collection elegant but cool, so a tennis necklace is always a good idea. I decided on baby pink because it's a fun and flirty colour that can be worn even after Valentine's Day. This is Marshmallow Sweetheart.
The next two necklaces I wanted to keep more on the dainty side. Let's talk about You're a Babe. I chose a glitter chain that had a little more structure - it is more durable because of its weaved style. With the vertical pendant that writes "babe", it gives length to your necklace stack. 
The last necklace in this collection is probably my favourite, although I truly love them all. It is called Sour Candy Apple, and is the real eye catcher in this trio. On one of my most favourite chains, a glass sour green apple hangs with a gold stem and cubic zirconia leaf.
The cutest Valentine's Day trio for you or someone you love. All packaged and wrapped in a tiny white box with baby pink ribbon. February 14th is a day of love, so spend it treating yourself to a glass of wine, a bath, face mask and a little honey. You deserve it.
p.s Let's call these blogs "The Honey Post". I think that sounds cute af.
p.s.s All photos from this collection were taken by one of my best friends and extremely talented videographer, cinematographer and photographer Hayley Keenan. You can see her work HERE!

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