Can you get stainless steel jewelry wet?

The new Unsalted Honey line is here! With quality and affordability in mind, Unsalted Forever is flexible to daily life and durable to the elements!
Let's talk about it! This collection is made from Stainless Steel which means the metal won’t react with your skin. It won’t oxidize, rust, tarnish or turn your skin green. (YAY!) It is also hypoallergenic, so say goodbye to allergic reactions. To answer the question … YES Stainless Steel jewelry can get wet.
Stainless Steel in its natural color, silver, will never fade. Plating colors on Stainless Steel are made by a process called PVD (Plating Vapor Deposit). This process is more environmentally friendly than gold plated brass jewelry. There is zero discharge of gas, water waste and other residue.
For gold finishes, real gold (14K or 18K) is evaporated and deposited under high temperatures or ion bombardment onto the surface allowing for new strength and shine.
This all seems to be true, but there are some things you should avoid in order to protect your Stainless Steel jewelry, such as bleach and chlorine, so try to remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorinated pools.
Otherwise, live it up in your jewels and stay honeylicious 24/7.

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